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Medieval Small Bagpipes
a two drone bagpipe with Brass mounts, a narrow bell on the Chanter, a Velvet cover with ivory fringe

Mediterranean Bagpipes
The Chanter has 2 shafts mounted on a flare-shaped bell to form 'Twin Chanters', providing both the drone and the note, Each shaft has 5 finger holes and its own bridled reed.

Goose Bagpipes
Rosewood, Velveteen Bagcover, Leak proof leather bag

Goose Bagpipes, all Plastic, 2 in 1
Drone, Chanter and mounts all in Plastic, Velveteen Bagcover, Leak proof Hi-Quality Leather Bag; the Chanter along with Mouth piece can be played as Long Practice Chanters

Uilleann Starters Pipes, Blackwood
Heavy-Duty Synthetic Bag, Wood Bellows and Blackwood Chanter. Includes a built-in Brass-and-Rosewood Cup for attaching Drones later on (there is a plug in the cup to prevent air from escaping).

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