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Sporrans Chain & Leather Straps
to hang the sporrans

Sporrans Leather Straps, White
no chain, only one Leather Belt / Strap, could be Black or Brown. ..

PVC Sporrans Carriers / Belts, White
also available in Black

Deluxe Celtic Knot Chain Strap
Heavy Celtic knot/Sporrans Links, Leather adjustment Straps with Metal Links

Sporran Suspenders
We've developed this strap to provide maximum comfort and flexibility as well as to allow it to be easy to put on and take off. Our easy to work trigger snaps attach to the D-rings on your sporran and they swivel to allow the sporran to move more easily while squatting, bending or walking, Many prefer to use a sporran hanger vs a sporran belt and chain, They feel that it is more comfortable and keeps from smashing the pleats across the sides, This is true, particularly for beefier guys. Easy to use: The harness leather straps snap around the belt and will fit all belts up to about 2 1/2 inches wide. If you need a wider one, please let us know when ordering, The length of the chain can be easily adjusted for the perfect fit by removing a link or two, if needed.

Sporrans D-rings
Sporrans D-rings

Longhair Sporrans Plain Bell, No chain or hair fitted, Bell Only

Engraved Bells
Longhair Sporrans Designed Bell, No chain or hair fitted, Bells Only

Horse Hair White Tassels
Real Horse Hair, the pair is fitted with Engraved Bells and Chain

Horse Hair Black Tassels
Real Horse Hair, the pair is fitted with Plain Bells and Chain

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